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Do I have to be familiar with Reiki to take this course?

No! You can jump right into Reiki level 1 where you will begin learning what Reiki is, and how to perform Self Reiki

Can I take Level 2 or Master without taking Level 1?

Absolutely not. It is a requirement to take level 1 before proceeding. You will not receive a certificate or attunement if you skip level 1.

How long does each level take?

Each level takes as long as you need to complete it. You can log in at anytime to access your course, re-watch videos, take it slow or speed it up! Go at your own pace.

Is Reiki right for me?

We are all born with the gift of energy healing. It is only when we mature in a society that does not support these gifts when we begin to forget our true powers. You just have to begin learning again! Anyone can learn Reiki, including you.

When can I start giving Reiki to others?

As soon as you begin level 1 for practice! Once you have completed your course, you will take a test, receive an attunement and your certification. Once that is completed, you can officially give Reiki to others as a Certified Reiki Practitioner!

How can I connect with others online?

Students have access to my exclusive Kokyu Reiki School Facebook group where myself and other students post, ask questions and share experiences.

Can I teach others?

Reiki Masters can attune others, however, in my Reiki Master class, I do not teach how to teach or attune. It is such a sacred practice, it deserves an entire course to itself.

Return or exchange?

Unfortunately once you have access to the Reiki level curriculum, you cannot receive a refund or exchange since the knowledge is exclusive, sacred and precious. You can choose to not get attuned, but you will not receive a refund. You won't need to worry as I am here for you every step of the way!

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